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soy wax

           candles made in new hampshire

from the feeling that it brings to the scent that it creates, a candle can transform your space from something ordinary to something comforting and special... 

...we aim to offer you unique and fun fragrance combinations with that feeling of receiving a handmade gift...

hand poured in small batches in reusable mason jars using all natural soy wax and lead free cotton wicks, we present to you any distinct new fragrances we are inspired to create... all candles are non-toxic and made with care! thank you for your interest in... 

shop local...

we are proud to be sold

in your friendly local stores & markets!

you can currently purchase a "kitschy" candle at the following locations:

fired on the mountain, lincoln nh

wayne's market, north woodstock nh

sweet beet market, bradford nh

live a little fitness, lincoln nh

rumney village store, rumney nh

the notch hostel, north woodstock nh

cafe lafayette, north woodstock nh

lost river camp store, north woodstock nh

lahout's store, lincoln nh

WREN local works, bethlehem nh

root to bloom, littleton nh

renewberry's, plymouth nh 

check back often for new locations!

"scent is our most primitive sense, it's the closest thing to the emotional brain. it penetrates you.

you love it, and you want to be part of it."

-isabelle ramsay brackstone




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  • Seasonal themed candle boxes delivered to your home

  • Handmade 8 oz. soy candle, 4 oz. candle and a "surprise" 

  • Burn time of approximately 40 hours, clean and healthy!

  • Custom scents inspired by the current season

  • Unique gift to give (or treat yourself!)

   arrange your

custom order!

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we would love to create a special favor for your special event!  whether it's for a wedding, baby shower, birthday, business or "just because", we will create a batch of unique candles specific to your style and scent preferences.  contact us today to arrange your custom order!

"Your fragrance is your message, your scented slogan."     -maurice roucel


i am the mom of two beautiful, active and witty boys living in the white mountains of new hampshire.  i have worked in the restaurant industry since i was a teenager (and love it!), and have always had a passion for food, the arts, crafts and creativity.  i received an art degree in 2004,

but work and motherhood have left no time

for something i love- creating! i have always enjoyed handmade gifts, and began a few years ago making scented candles to give out to friends and family.

  i am incredibly thankful to everyone (family, friends, and strangers!) who have been so supportive of this "handmade" journey.  thank you!

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